The Cake Shop

David Cakes story

Chapter III

Clients & Cakes

beautiful people

special memories 1982-2012

Unforgettable moments

of a time gone by, but never forgotten

David Cakes Team Reunion
Edward, Gosia, David and Hilda
(Left to Right)

We Thank You

for your custom

 and your loyalty and support

During 30 years of retail business David Cakes has had the honour of creating realistically thousands of wedding and celebration cakes for thousands of clients from all walks of life.
In March 2012 Hilda (ten years after she had originally retired) joined David with his creative team members Gosia and Edward, as well as family and friends for a special reunion party at David Cakes cake shop, celebrating thirty years of business achievements and success. The reunion party took place on last day of trading, as David Cakes cake shop closed it’s store doors for the very last time. It was an extremely emotional moment and a time for reflection, looking back on an incredible journey that had begun thirty years earlier in a converted spare room at David’s family home. Surviving in business for thirty years was an outstanding achievement for David Cakes cake shop in itself which had been accomplished through teamwork, dedication and determination – working long hours and keeping the faith of the ‘dream’ alive.

David salutes his clients
” On behalf of myself, Hilda, Gosia and Edward, I would like to thank all David Cakes clients who believed in our products and celebrated with our creativity. Thank you for your loyalty and support through the years. We have shared an amazing journey together and without you, we would not have achieved so much. We are now walking a different business path (now teaching our craft) and have sadly lost our dearest loved ones over the years, but we will never forget those special moments in time, unforgettable and most precious, that will always warm our hearts and create a sense of joy and fulfilment of a dream to succeed in what we love to do – to simply create – for you to celebrate !”  

Special Memories


looking back at magical moments
in David Cakes cake shop history

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Chapter IV

Outside The Cake Box

alternative designs

1982 – 2012

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The Cake Shop
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