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David Cakes TV appearances include:
Royal Wedding International TV documentary
William and Kate: Inside The Royal Wedding


In the judging zone!

David stars as a judge on
13-part international Reality TV Series

Trailers & episode highlights

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Amazon Prime Video

Complete Season One – 13 X 45 minute HD episodes now streaming

Hosted by Caroline Rhea
With International Judges
David MacCarfrae | Alexandria Pelegrino | Gordon Bailey
Produced by Buck Productions Toronto Canada |  Vancouver Canada | Manhattan Beach California USA

An Amazing Experience

Looking back at his reality TV adventure David says:

“With that ever so serious facial expression during the opening credits (which always makes me laugh!) 11 years on – CAKE WALK is still ‘doing the rounds, so to speak.

After it’s initial premiere in Canada in 2011, the 13 part TV series has been syndicated in 13 countries around the world and now in 2022 is showing on Amazon Prime UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

It was an amazing experience for me, working along side such great creative people while gaining knowledge about working on television.
During the filming the opening credits – filmed against a ‘green screen’, the studio producers told me to smile, which I do all the time. Lots of happy smiley shots were taken and then they said ‘Dave pull a serious face’. So for a laugh, I did – and that was that one single serious pose they used at the start of every episode! Admittedly throughout the series, at times I look so serious. Realistically I was totally absorbed and focused in the ‘judge zone’, doing what I was recruited and being directed to do.

Every time I re-watch an episode, I smile and always feel so honoured to have been contracted as a judge for the 13 part television series, that was an amazing opportunity to have been presented to me during in my career.

So if you feel like chilling out for 45 minutes watching fantastic talented cake designers create wonderful cakes and a more ‘seriously in the zone David’, enjoy the show and happy viewing !” 

Cake Maker To Royalty

David has made 3 Royal Cakes

exclusively for The British Royal Family
delivered and set up by David in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle

The Royal Wedding Cake

The Duke of York Prince Andrew & Miss Sarah Ferguson

In February 1986 David had the honour of making The Royal Engagement Cake for The Duke of York Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson. David free hand painted a portrait of the Royal Couple in food colour onto the Royal Icing coated cake surface. The rich fruit cake was decorated with Royal Icing free-hand piping finished with a Royal Icing rose. David was requested to deliver the Royal Engagement Cake to Buckingham Palace where it was presented to the Royal Couple. Shortly after the celebrations David received a letter from The Master of The Household at Buckingham Palace who expressed The Duke and his fiance’s delight with the cake.

In July 1986 David had the honour of making The Royal Wedding Cake for The Duke of York Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson. Inspired by the society wedding styles of the late 19th century, David created a lavish 6 tiered Royal Icing design that stood over 7 feet tall. Decorated with over 6 layers of free hand over-piped Royal Icing patterns, the Royal Wedding creation was adorned with a cascading trail of fresh flowers. David was requested to deliver and set up the cake at Buckingham Palace. Shortly after the celebrations, David received a letter from The Master of The Household at Buckingham Palace who expressed The Duke and Duchess of York’s delight with The Royal Wedding Cake. David was informed that his creation had been viewed by Her Majesty The Queen and all of the Royal Family and their guests during The Wedding Breakfast. The Duke and Duchess also requested that David be presented an official photograph of The Royal Wedding Cake set up in ‘The Blue Room’ at Buckingham Palace where the Royal celebration took place.

The Royal Wedding Cake

HRH Prince Edward & Miss Sophie Reece-Jones

In June 1999 David had the honour of making The Royal Wedding Cake for His Royal Highness Prince Edward and Miss Sophie-Reece Jones (soon to be HRH The Countess of Wessex). Inspired by the location of The Royal Wedding being Windsor Castle, which was built in the year 1086, David created a very ornate medieval style 6 tiered free hand Royal Icing design that stood over 8 feet tall. Decorated with over 9 layers of free hand over-piped Royal Icing patterns, The Royal Wedding creation was adorned with pastillage cherubs and an array of free hand fondant flowers. David then applied airbush shading onto the cake to create an ‘aged’ look to the gothic design. Buckingham Palace requested David to deliver the Royal creation to Windsor Castle where he was greeted by His Royal Highness Prince Edward who watched as David set up The Royal Wedding Cake in the medieval surroundings of St. Georges Hall.
Shortly after the celebrations, David personally received a letter from Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex who expressed both her and the Royal Prince’s delight with design. Buckingham Palace sent an official photograph of the Royal Wedding Cake to David which he was most honoured to receive.

David Cakes Royal Wedding Cake story was featured in
HELLO! Magazine Official Royal Wedding Souvenir Issue (pictured below left)
David’s proud Mum Hilda was invited joined him during the HELLO! magazine photo shoot, proudly celebrating her son’s second Royal Wedding Cake achievement.

The Creative Journey

did you know?!!

David started decorating cakes age 6
in the kitchen with his Mum

David MacCarfrae

career timeline

year by year achievements
1970 to the present


David received
The National Training Award
presented by
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher


David met
HRH Prince Edward
while setting up
The Royal Wedding Cake


David was commissioned
to create a £10,000
wedding cake
for a mystery client


David Cakes brand new
FREE online magazine
launches to a global audience
of professionals and enthusiasts

Live Piping Challenges

cake shows & expos

KELMY invite David Cakes around the world
USA, Europe & Asia

In order to create a global awareness about the benefits of creating with their superior quality Royal Icing, KELMY invited David and his technical assistant Edward to join them for an ongoing adventure. With flights booked and hotel reservations made the Liverpool cake decorators travelled with KELMY to international cake shows and bakery expo events in UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

At each show event KELMY challenge David Cakes team to design, spontaneously decorate and complete a luxurious wedding cake in front of a live captivated audience at the KELMY trade booth while showcasing with the exciting range of KELMY products available to both hobbyists and professional cake decorators alike.

While enjoying their free-hand cake decorating challenge, David and Edward piped literally thousands of metres of Royal Icing free-hand while promoting the KELMY brand and products through live demonstrations while always pushing their creative boundaries literally higher and higher!

Global Experience

VIP corporate events

USA to Asia
Royal celebrations & wedding fairs

 ‘The Cake Shop’ FREE online book features 30 years of styles, trends and business stories from the 1980’s to 2000’s in 4 exciting chapters featuring over 600 original David Cakes designs… Here’s the story

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