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Thank You!

“On behalf of myself and the team, I would like to thank all our UK and International students for attending David Cakes cake decorating seminar and masterclass events over the years. It has been such a great honour to meet everyone and celebrate together our passion for free-hand creativity. We feel most honoured to receive your messages and we always value your feedback. The creative moments we shared and the special memories we’ve had will be cherished now and always.
Thank you so much – H
appy free-hand cake decorating!”

David MacCarfrae – Liverpool England

Dawn Has Never Felt So Free!

After attending your course I felt a completely different person both professionally AND personally! It took a little coaxing, but suddenly something snapped in me and I was able to let my creative side take over… I have never felt so FREE!!!
David, you truly ARE gifted and I am so fortunate that you shared that gift with me!
Thank you for showing me so many amazing techniques
I will carry this experience with me forever!”

Dawn – Ontario Canada

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Aliki Celebrates With Tiers of Joy!

“I have been admiring David’s work and art from a distance for many years. I had never seen such elaborate beautiful and intricate designs anywhere else. His work is so different and when I see a photograph of a royal icing cake anywhere on the internet I can always tell when it’s David’s. He has a very distinctive way of decorating and I wanted to learn from him from the very first moment I discovered his royal icing. Attending a 4 day 1-to-1 wedding cake master class course with David was one of the most joyous and beautiful, interesting and inspiring journeys in my life. I knew from the moment I contacted David that it would be worth the time and effort, but I never imagined I would be able to learn and create so much in such a short time. David is a really fantastic teacher with lots of patience and passion. I believe him to be the master of royal icing – Thank you so much!”

 Aliki Christina – Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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Nicholas Opens New Business

“Thank you David for the great training provided.
Even though I do not consider myself the best, I feel truly blessed! You gave me the inspiration and self confidence to open my own bakery and cake decorating business here in Kuching which is proving most successful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join your course.
Blessed day to you chef David and your assistant Mr Edward”

Chef Nicholas – Kuching Malaysia

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Ava Fulfils A Dream!

“I spoke with my Mom and said how cool it would be to meet and learn from the guy who makes cakes for British Royalty. Fulfilling my dream seemed so distant. Classes in Europe alone at 16 –
But my Mom came through!!!
Both my Mom and my Aunt travelled from the US to David’s course not just to support my cake decorating passion, but they even decided to take some of the classes with me!
Studying with David and learning this intricate and ornate method of free hand cake decorating truly was a spectacular experience and one I will always embrace and never forget!”

Ava – Ohio USA

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Theresa Opens New Business

“Hello David and Mr Edward, I thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of cake decorating with me during the 7 day international masterclass course. I enjoyed it very much and the experience has given me so many new ideas to apply in my newly opened restaurant, bakery and cake business. I have started to supply cup cakes, scones and meat pies for the local banks, FM stations and local hospital and so far it is all really positive feed back which I am very happy about. I also have many clients who have commissioned me to create their wedding cake, so this is all great news I am very happy to share with you. Please give your Mom and  family my best wishes and once again thank you!”

Theresa – Ghana

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Best Friends Attend Together!

“Hi David. First of all, we had the most brilliant day.
Loved every minute of the course!!
Thanks for your knowledge and patience.
We must say you and your team were very helpful.
With lots of love from the ladies in pink!”

Marion and Jet – Amsterdam Netherlands

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Sonia Celebrates Her Experience

“Hi David! Thank you so much for your inspiration and wisdom.
I grew leaps and bounds not only with the skill you shared, but spiritually with wisdom you gifted us.
I am so lucky to have attended such a wonderful course that nurtured the birth of a new skill so tenderly. I will practice the gift you have passed on and use it to create more beauty in the world. I thank you and Ed for your ever so caring hospitality and patience. I will forever have a part of David Cakes in my creation, no matter how far I may be and will always think of you when I create.”

Sonia – Kenya

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Scott Expands His Business

“David! Ed! You guys are so fantastic!!
You did a great job teaching so much valuable information which I will be applying to my business. Here stateside, my bakery business is expanding and very busy. I’ve been decorating cookies with royal icing and applying many new ideas and free-hand piping techniques I have learnt from you, to my cake store collection. I want to thank you for such a great experience and I can honestly say in a heartbeat I’d attend more of your courses. I absolutely look forward to seeing you guys again soon!”

Scott – Ohio USA

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Tracey Creates As She Feels

“Dear David. I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to be taught be you. All my art comes freehand and free form I don’t like structure and rules or guidelines. I don’t even read instructions from ‘Ikea’ ! ha ha. I believe we learn by our mistakes. Art is my essence and such a big part of my life whatever form expression comes out. It is also a non-prescription aid to help through my back pain and anxiety. I want to try and invest my time into fulfilling my life purpose, so moving forward I want to use using my new found skills to feel self worth and value. I love what you do. Your passion comes out not only in skill but the warmth from you as you make us believe in ourselves even through mistakes.
Thank you for all your help and support.

Tracey – Liverpool England

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Staci 1-to-1 Training Experience

“Dearest David and Ed! Today surpassed my every expectation!
It was everything I had hoped for and I cannot thank you enough for you amazing hospitality and warmth. It was truly a pleasure to learn from and create with such talented minds and it is a memory I will always cherish! I pray you both are blessed with continued health and strength and many more successful years ahead to create for the world. The skills you have shared with me today will pave a way for me that I had always hoped for. You have given me all these new ideas and I cannot thank you enough for showing me how lovely the world can be with people as wonderful as you both in it. Thank you for being my inspiration and my mentors, but most of all thank you for being my friend.”

Staci – Trinidad and Tobago

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Jill Sends Greetings From Essex

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today
Best course EVER!!
Lovely teachers and great group of ladies!
Thank you once again David and Ed.
You are both true gentlemen with amazing kindness and talent.”

Jill – Essex England

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Andrea Loves Royal Icing!

One of those professionals who shines, creativity has no limits and humour makes a class into an extraordinary creative masterclass of Royal Icing… A relaxed and unique moment of cake decorating with David as he gave me lots of tips, much theory with hands-on creativity, as well as sharing many ideas about the baking and cake decorating in business… which has inspired me and leads me to think that upon my return to Argentina, I can apply all I have learnt to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes at a new level that is more professional and profitable for us the decorators. I hope this longing I have will soon become a reality and my profession is not seen only as a hobby, but as a job providing extra income for my family – as self-improvement – like a dream to believe in and to live for. I would like to thank you David for your wisdom! Really a genius !!  Powerful inspiring !!
Thank you again David !!  I LOVE Royal Icing !!!”

Andrea – Buenos Aires Argentina

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Janine Celebrates Her Experience

“What David doesn’t know about Royal Icing is not worth knowing!! David and Ed were both welcoming and friendly. It was wonderful to meet the other ladies who had travelled from around the world to attend the course. I strongly recommend David Cakes, as the tuition is second to none. You will go away with a wealth of knowledge and an amazing experience!!”

Janine – Cheshire England

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Mandy Feels Inspired!

David I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the course. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. You said you are a deep person and I believe this to be true, but I also think you are a very creative and spiritual man, which shines through in everything that you do. You’re a great mentor – the masterclass experience has inspired me to work harder at being creative. I know these words will mean a lot to you and I feel that I’ve only scratched the surface of your knowledge of what you can teach me!  My love to you all and I hope to see you next year.”

Mandy – Oxford England

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Sarah Louise Loved Every Minute!

Thanks so much for such a fantastic creative experience and I’ve loved every minute. It’s been amazing to watch you work and have your support, with depth of knowledge to help us all to create our own beautiful masterpieces! For anyone thinking about booking a David Cakes course – I’d say “DO IT!!!” David is there for you every step of the way. He’s a great teacher and lovely host –
You won’t be disappointed!”

Sarah Louise – Liverpool England


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