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David Cakes International Cake Decorating Classes

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David Cakes

Introducing David MacCarfrae

Cake Maker to Royalty

Based in Liverpool England Royal Wedding Cake Maker to The British Royal Family, 57 year old David MacCarfrae welcomes you to his creative world of cake decorating, edible art and design.

Winner of UK N
ational Training Award and Multi -TV Business Awards David specialises in teaching centuries old free-hand (freestyle) cake decorating techniques, creating spontaneously and directly onto the cake surface using only a few piping tips in bags, a paintbrush and palette knife.

With no need for any stencils, templates, modelling tools, cutters or moulds, David simply creates as he feels and embraces his decorative art through imagination and self expression.

David currently stars as a reality TV judge on CAKE WALK the 13 part international cake decorating TV series currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video UK | USA | Australia | Canada.

With over 40 years of business experience in manufacturing and retail
, David is a qualified baker and renowned world class teacher, offering students creative coaching to enhance personal life-skill performance while optimising emotional creativity.

David is also a website designer who co-runs his own video production company in association with Liverpool based sparkz network – working together during 2022 to produce product promotional and online training videos and host live-streaming international cake decorating events.

As an international creative business consultant for Spanish corporation KELMY
, David assists with development of new products / testing, marketing ideas, creating promotional videos and hosting live cake decorating demonstrations around the world.

Recently publishing a FREE online book titled The Cake Shop David shares David Cakes inspirational inside story from 1967 to the present day.

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The David Cakes Story

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 ‘The Cake Shop’ FREE online book features 30 years of styles, trends and business stories from the 1980’s to 2000’s in 4 exciting chapters featuring over 600 original David Cakes designs… Here’s the story

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News Update: January 2022

Unfortunately due to the continual constraints created by Covid-19 in both Spain and UK, we are sorry to have to announce that completion of filming and post production of the 4K HD cake decorating free online masterclass tutorial series hosted by Kelmy presented and produced by David Cakes in association with Sparkz Network has had to be placed on hold.
This means that the official release date of the series is now planned for the second half of 2022.
We thank you for your patience and continued support.



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