David MacCarfrae

career timeline

year by year achievements
1970 to the present

David first started cake decorating at home at the age of 6 where he helped his Mum in the kitchen during the weekly family bake-offs.
With unconditional support from his Mum and Dad, David followed his dreams that through focus, determination and hard work rewarded
him with a glittering cake decorating career in retail business, teaching and television resulting in international recognition and global success.


David launches David Cakes Online – a brand new state-of-the-art live streaming online teaching service offering specialist 1-to-1 free-hand cake decorating online masterclass courses and private tuition. Presented in association with Liverpool based companies Sparkz Network | Giant Communications | Liverpool Tech Group


Royal Wedding Cake Maker
National Training Award Winner
TV Business awards winner
Reality TV series judge
Over 40 years of retail experience
Free-hand piping specialist
Online training teacher
Author and writer
Website designer
Business consultant

 ‘The Cake Shop’ FREE online book features 30 years of styles, trends and business stories from the 1980’s to 2000’s in 4 exciting chapters featuring over 600 original David Cakes designs… Here’s the story

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