Welcoming Students From Across The Globe

Celebrating free-hand cake decorating achievements and happy memories

Chef Ten

Chef Ten travelled 6,824 miles from Singapore to Liverpool – spending 7 days with David learning centuries old free-hand piping techniques, while addressing the science of Royal Icing, product development, marketing and retail cake store business growth.



Theresa decided attending David Cakes international masterclass course was the perfect investment to assist with wedding and celebration cake product development for her new cake store / bar / restaurant / catering business located in Ghana.


Aliki Christina

Aliki Christina accompanied by her husband travelled from Abu Dhabi to attend a private 4 day 1 to 1 masterclass course with David, where she learnt how to design and decorate a ‘Royal’ style wedding cake for her new specialist cake store located in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates


Sunita from Germany enjoyed the freedom of being able to express her creativity as she learnt the art of free-hand palette knife cake painting with Royal Icing, which David originally introduced into his wedding and celebration retail cake store collection in 1998.



Patricia travelled 4,727 miles from Texas USA to Liverpool to explore David’s exciting world of creative free-hand piping techniques and unlimited innovative design possibilities.



Travelling from Egypt to learn free-hand piping techniques from David, Nabil enjoyed the total freedom of being able to express herself through her creative cake decorating challenges.


Shirley and Mary

Taking time out from her busy nursing career, first time cake decorator Shirley along with Mum Mary had fun in Liverpool learning cake free-hand piping techniques…



Professional singer Yossi took time out to unwind from his busy work schedule, travelling from Tel Aviv to join David in Liverpool for a 7 day ‘chill-out’ embracing free-hand cake decorating for the very first time!


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