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News Update: January 2022

Unfortunately due to the continual constraints created by Covid-19 in both Spain and UK, we are sorry to have to announce that completion of filming and post production of the 4K HD cake decorating free online masterclass tutorial series hosted by Kelmy presented and produced by David Cakes in association with Sparkz Network has had to be placed on hold.
This means that the official release date of the series is now planned for the second half of 2022.
We thank you for your patience and continued support.

An International Business Collaboration

A creative future in working progress

Phase 1


Initiate | Promote

Project Kelmy

Creating a new and exciting future together

Phase 2


Film | Produce

FREE Online Turorials

Cake decorating with KELMY and David Cakes

Phase 3


Create | Launch

New KELMY Website

State-of-the-art hosting | 4K HD video platform
4K HD Free Online Tutorials
Hosted by David MacCarfrae
Learn Cake Decorating
Hosted by David MacCarfrae
Showcasing KELMY Buttercream
Discover the benefits and creative possibilities
Order KELMY Online At Amazon
Superior Quality Products Available Soon
4K HD Free Online Tutorials
Produced by SPARKZ NETWORK and David Cakes
Showcasing KELMY Royal Icing
Discover the benefits and creative possibilities
Challenge Our Creativity
With Superior Quality KELMY Products
Showcasing KELMY Fondant
Discover the benefits and creative possibilities

International Collaboration


‘Project Kelmy’ Creative Team

Turning a vision a into reality

Antonio de la Torre
KELMY- International Sales & Marketing Consultant
David MacCarfrae
David Cakes – Company Director

Open Communication

In Depth Discussions

Via online video conferencing

We Can Do This!

Since the very beginning of Project Kelmy, International Sales & Marketing Consultant for KELMY – Antonio de la Torre regularly joins David from David Cakes and Callum from SPARKZ NETWORK on video conference platform ‘ZOOM’ to discuss and evolve new ideas, combining advanced state-of-the-art digital technology with creative possibilities in order to achieve the styling and desired look of the new KELMY website that will be a platform for the new FREE online tutorials. Filmed in 4K HD superior resolution image quality, KELMY educational creative training videos will be presented by David, who will be sharing his free-hand cake decorating skills and trade secrets, while showcasing a selection of superior quality KELMY products. The new online training videos will be available to watch and enjoy exclusively on a brand new new KELMY website to be designed and developed by Callum and David, hosted by SPARKZ NETWORK in collaboration with David Cakes.

Once KELMY’s new website is launched, development will commence of ‘David Cakes International Online Training Academy’ – a brand new exciting free-hand cake decorating masterclass training platform presented in association with KELMY, hosted by David via 4K HD online tutorials and live streaming, filmed and produced by David Cakes and SPARKZ NETWORK in Liverpool England. This new personalised online teaching service will be available for both UK and International students who wish to master the art of free-hand cake decorating with David.

Project Kelmy

Approved & Authorised

September 2020

Signed & Sealed!

KELMY | David Cakes | SPARKZ NETWORK collaboration is now official

Celebrating A New Collaboration 
Focused and very determined with a passion
Working Together As A Team
In order to achieve so much more
With 100% Commitment
Built on Trust, Honesty and Loyalty
Advancing With New Technology
Embracing the future for an exciting tomorrow

We're On Our Way !

Lights Camera & Action!

The Filming Continues

The buttercream is whipping, Royal Icing is mixing and fondant is at the ready!


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Kelmy International Department is specifically dedicated to attend to clients needs at all times – with full support and undivided attention

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along with the help to organise the logistics of setting up international export of Kelmy products
direct to your global destination –to ensure they reach you as requested – on time – without delay.

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