Covid-19 – International Masterclass Update: October 2021

Even though UK laws have recently changed regarding social distancing and the wearing of a mask not being mandatory, the UK government have recommended the wearing of masks and social distancing to be applied when that person feels they need to act responsibly. The UK government has also stated that this is a 'trial period' to see if changing the rules will result in the permanent decline of Covid -19 cases. As most of David Cakes students travel into Liverpool from overseas (some from countries that are still classed as 'amber' and 'red' listed countries) they would still be required by law to go into quarantine and self isolate for 10 days. It is for these reasons that David is still unable to teach a live training event at a hotel venue. David's teaching approach involves very close creative interaction with each student who would also be sitting in close proximity of each other, as well as having to share equipment and materials. Students would also have to gather around David to watch him give creative demonstrations throughout each day of the 7 day 1-to-1 personalised training event in order to observe and learn his training technique. So the only way that live international cake decorating masterclass courses can resume is when the Covid-19 pandemic has fully subsided on a global level. Once this happens a new date for training events to resume will be announced on David Cakes website.

Latest News

October 2021

Presented by David MacCarfrae

Greetings from David

“As the months have gone by we have experienced very sad times, our lives have been changed forever and everything has been brought into perspective regarding what is important in life – unity and the celebration of simply embracing each day with thanks and enjoying every single moment. 

In this, my 57th year, I feel most blessed to be able to continue with my journey which realistically began 50 years ago this year, when I picked up my first ever piping bag while helping my Mum decorate cakes in the kitchen when I was only 6 years old. 

I would like to welcome you to this special feature page, where I will be posting all the latest David Cakes cake decorating news, while taking time out to share with you what is going on in my creative world.

So please join me as we continue our journey together, celebrating art and free-hand creativity today and everyday.

With sincere best wishes as always

From David”

The Cake Shop
Retail Business Story of David Cakes
Written by David MacCarfrae
All artwork created by David MacCarfrae
Online chapter layout presentation created by David MacCarfrae
proudly hosted by SPARKZ NETWORK Liverpool England
All material copyright © 2020 David Cakes
All rights reserved

New Book Released

“Since I started teaching, so many students from all around the world have asked me how David Cakes cake shop first began. Where do I begin? – 30 years running a retail cake store is a long time and there are so many wonderful business memories to share.

May 2020 and the UK was still in complete lock down due to COVID-19. Unable to teach live cake decorating courses, I had free time to take stock and begin my quest to tell the David Cakes retail business story. Initially I started to search through all my computer hard drives and became very excited when I found literally hundreds of digital photographs from David Cakes retail cake shop days – including the original cake catalogue designs, bride and grooms celebrating with our cakes, business marketing posters, etc. Then one afternoon I climbed up into the attic in my home, where I uncovered some dusty sealed cardboard boxes marked with ‘David Cakes’. To my excitement, I discovered lots of old 1980’s press cuttings and old archive photographs – even my original City and Guild Certificates and many official letters from Buckingham Palace! – WOW!! – so much I thought I had lost was now found! –  It was a very exciting day!

The new free online book, simply titled ‘The Cake Shop’ has been released as a visually stimulating retrospective account of the retail business journey of ‘David Cakes’ since trading first began in 1982 – detailing the events that shaped the path of the retail cake decorating store, while celebrating creating for wonderful clients, business achievements, the company’s evolution and it’s long term success leading up to the cake shop finally closing it’s doors in 2012 – the year when David Cakes international teaching journey began – but that’s another story !

Being able to tell David Cakes cake shop retail business story in this new 4 chapter online book, for me, is a great honour and I  feel very blessed to still be here today sharing the continuing journey.

I hope you enjoy reading ‘The Cake Shop’ and maybe it will inspire students who have dreams of setting up their own cake shop – to simply ‘Go for it!’ – take a leap of faith, live the business dream and enjoy every moment of the exciting adventure they have created !”

Project Kelmy
An International Collaboration
New KELMY Website & FREE Online Tutorials
Embracing the future for an exciting new tomorrow

Project Kelmy

“In November 2019 I was most honoured to welcome KELMY CEO Jaime López Bernabeu and  International Sales and Marketing Consultant – Antonio de la Torre, who travelled from Spain to meet me in Liverpool, where we spent the day discussing future plans for KELMY, as well as enjoying a cultural tour of Liverpool, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. After a very successful meeting, Jamie and Antonio headed back to KELMY headquarters in Xixona (also know as Jijona) located on the eastern coast of Spain near Alicante. Jijona is  famous for a type of soft nougat, known as ‘Turrón de Jijona’

At the start of 2020 a plan of action was formulated and a vision began to come into view. However, with the devastating arrival of COVID-19, everything was put on hold.

Now, as we are now all forced to live with the pandemic on a day to day basis, industry and commerce has to keep moving forward the best way it can. Because of this KELMY decided to move forward, revisiting the original plans, in order to initiate creative progress. Subsequently an exciting business collaboration has been formed between KELMY, David Cakes and SPARKZ NETWORK.
Titled ‘Project Kelmy – The objective is to create a brand new state-of-the-art KELMY website that will platform new FREE online tutorials. Filmed in 4K HD superior resolution image quality, KELMY educational creative training videos will be presented by myself, sharing my free-hand cake decorating techniques and trade secrets, while showcasing a selection of superior quality KELMY products.

I am most honoured to working with KELMY in Spain and in Liverpool with Callum at SPARKZ NETWORK as we film, edit and produce the new FREE online tutorials, as well as creating the new KELMY website together.

You will be available to watch and enjoy the FREE online tutorials exclusively at the new KELMY online video tutorial platform website launching in 2022.”

Hosted by Caroline Rhea
With International Judges
David MacCarfrae | Alexandria Pelegrino | Gordon Bailey
Produced by Buck Productions Toronto Canada |  Vancouver Canada | Manhattan Beach California USA

Still Going Strong!

“With that ever so serious facial expression during the opening credits (which always makes me laugh!) 10 years on – CAKE WALK is still ‘doing the rounds, so to speak.

After it’s initial premiere in Canada in 2011, the 13 part TV series has been syndicated into 13 countries around the world and now in 2021 is showing on Amazon Prime UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

 It was an amazing experience for me, working along side such great creative people while gaining knowledge about working on television.

During the filming the opening credits – filmed against a ‘green screen’, the studio producers told me to smile, which I do all the time. Lots of happy smiley shots were taken and then they said ‘Dave pull a serious face’. So for a laugh, I did – and that was that one single serious pose they used at the start of every episode! Admittedly throughout the series, at times I look so serious. Realistically I was totally absorbed and focused in the ‘judge zone’, doing what I was recruited and being directed to do.

Every time I re-watch an episode, I smile and always feel so honoured to have been contracted as a judge for the 13 part television series, that was an amazing opportunity to have been presented to me during in my career.

So if you feel like chilling out for 45 minutes watching fantastic talented cake designers create wonderful cakes and a more ‘seriously in the zone David’, enjoy the show and happy viewing !” ???

13 X 45 minute episodes now showing on Amazon
Amazon UK / Amazon USA / Amazon Australia / Amazon Canada

David’s creative journey spans an incredible 50 years
From humble beginnings David has become internationally renowned
Free-hand piping specialist | Cake maker to The British Royal Family
National Training Award winner | TV Business Awards winner
International reality TV series judge |  Business consultant
Website designer | Co-runs his own video production company
David truly has experienced an incredible journey

Celebrating 50 Years!

“I have to pinch myself when I say it is 50 years since I first sat down with my Mum in the kitchen and started decorating cakes. At the age of 6, I remember the process of decorating cakes to be such an exciting and amazing thing to do – “It was what I wanted to do when I grew up!!”
Now grown up I am still a big kid at heart! – still getting so excited when I start decorating cakes! 

I feel very lucky to have had my Mum and Dad encouraging me to follow my dreams to wherever they were going to take me. I guess I didn’t really know where, but something deep within my heart was my guide – and that ‘inner feeling’ is still there, still encouraging me to keep going forward and push my creative boundaries higher and higher! 

So where from here? – Simply keep working hard and enjoy every moment! 

New Translation Feature

“David Cakes website is constantly evolving in appearance, while expanding in creative content.

I am delighted to announce that David Cakes global reach is also expanding with more and more countries from around the world ‘tuning in” to our website.

I feel very blessed and most honoured to welcome our cake decorating friends as well as new visitors. Myself and the David Cakes team are always listening to our audience – In recent times, more and more messages have been received from fellow cake decorators around the world asking if David Cakes website could be translated into different languages, allowing for easier reading.

So, this month we are delighted to announce that David Cakes entire website can now be viewed and enjoyed in over 100 different languages – translated from the original English language setting to your own preferred language – simply at the click of a button !

Located above the top right hand side of the main menu bar, the translation button now allows all our visitors to enjoy reading our website in their selected language.

I understand that certain words (especially from my native Liverpool tongue) may not translate exactly, but I do hope this new feature will enhance your David Cakes online reading experience.” 

Mum's Still Baking!

“This is a dedication to my Mum Hilda, who has given me so much unconditional support, wisdom and guidance through all of my life. We have shared incredible and truly wonderful adventures together, working side by side at David Cakes from the very beginning, making what we considered ‘impossible dreams’ become a reality! It was my Mum who initially rang Buckingham Palace and promoted her son’s passion for cake decorating art, which ultimately gave me the opportunity to create not just one, but two Royal Wedding Cakes for the British Royal Family. Going from strength-to-strength Mum marketed David Cakes at every opportunity while networking with trade and commerce, ultimately achieving national recognition for the business, which was rewarded with multi-business awards from television and The National Training Awards council.  In 1993 Hilda personally received ‘Business Woman of the Year’ award. Yes! – my humble Mum Hilda – ‘the determined and tenacious lady’ as she became known in chamber of commerce was David Cakes business marketing ‘power house’ – who without her energy and dedication, I would not be here today, celebrating my own business success.

In 2002 after tragically losing Dad to cancer, Mum felt it was time for her to retire from David Cakes and walk a different path with her life as she became very much involved with helping the homeless and many charities. She also embraced her favourite pastime – good old fashioned home-baking.

Mum’s now 82 years old. She’s still looking great and she’s still baking those delicious home-made cakes – which I truly enjoy! – hence me now being on my latest diet!  I Love you my Mum – always x”

Sparkling New Adventures!

“Since the internet became available to the public in 1991, time and change have shaped the design of websites. As technology has evolved, so have opportunities to make new ideas, realistic and exciting possibilities!  When David Cakes website first launched in 1995 , it was a new and very exciting era in business. Realistically I should say David Cakes ‘websites’, as since the initial launch 25 years ago, there have been many versions that have followed.  As cake design trends changed and realistically website business competition became more intense, the objective was always to improve the look and presentation of each new David Cakes website created, when compared to the last.

In 2019 David Cakes started working with a new and innovative website design and hosting company ‘Sparkz Network’ based in Liverpool England, run by 25 year old website design specialist Callum, who not only offers new state of the art visionary web design concepts, but also an interactive bespoke design service to all clients. I commissioned Sparkz Network to not only create the 2019 David Cakes website, but also teach me new web design life-skills in order for me to be able to create more independently within the website, while still working, as I continue to do so with Callum, embracing his technical guidance and expert advice.

David Cakes website has now gone through another evolutionary re-invention, presenting a fresh new look for 2020. As business moves forward into another exciting chapter of it’s journey, I thank Callum for giving me the opportunity to be creatively challenged by technology with infinite possibilities.”

Evolving Together!

“During the last 8 years, myself and my technical assistant Edward have had the pleasure of working with ice cream and bakery ingredient manufacturing corporation ‘Kelmy’ based in Jijona, a town located on the south eastern coast of Spain. Established in 1953, Kelmy is a family run business, now with the third generation managing business operations, setting up many product distribution ports around the world. All Kelmy products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are gluten free. Kelmy superior quality products have been awarded with Halal and Kosher approved certification, making Kelmy multi-culturally friendly for everyone to enjoy!

David Cakes is most honoured to be working with Kelmy, assisting with new product development, marketing and product promotion. We have also been given the opportunity to travel around the world with Kelmy, attending many international cake decorating shows and bakery expos, showcasing new products through live demonstration while encouraging audience participation. As we plan ahead for new and exciting joint adventures, David Cakes feels most blessed to have experienced such an incredible journey with Kelmy and we look forward to enjoying many more great times, as we continue our creative journey together!”

[FEATURED PHOTOGRAPH] David and Edward celebrate free-hand creativity with Kelmy Managing Director Inés during a live cake decorating demonstration showcasing new superior quality Kelmy cake decorating products at an international food and bakery expo in Hong Kong 

David and Edward celebrate with international students
David Cakes Academy Liverpool

Taking A Look Back!

“My cake decorating journey started realistically when I was 6 years old, helping my Mum decorate cakes in the kitchen at home. I never anticipated that one day I would doing the same and sharing my knowledge of cake decorating, not just in Liverpool, but around the globe!

I feel so blessed and most privileged to have met and created with so many beautiful people from all over the world who have attended David Cakes cake decorating events. I thank all the event organisers and students who made myself and Edward  feel so welcome and we will always cherish the memories of the special times we shared – Thank you so much x”

Thank You Dear Friends!

“I would like to thank all the wonderful students who have attended David Cakes teaching events. Beyond the classroom friendships continue and as time moves on we may drift apart, but you are never forgotten.

Every so often, during a cake show or a bakery expo, out of the blue, I hear a – ‘Hello David!” – called out  from the crowd and I turn around and it’s one of my students who has come along to the enjoy the show. For me it is always a wonderful moment as we catch up and embrace great memories and share progress.

In June 2016, the morning of my 52nd birthday started with a very special greeting sent via facebook!
A group of cake decorators in Germany, who I had had the honour of teaching and meeting at various cake shows in Europe, had each created a personalised birthday tribute – just for me!
So much free-hand creativity and precious time had been given in order to make day a very special one – which it did!

The years may have passed, but I will always remember and cherish those beautiful creations presented to me, which I was so honoured to have received.

I thank you all and wish you a fantastic day x”


Take Care & Stay Safe

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with latest news updates,  free cake decorating designs, tips and ideas, plus much more.
Thanks for joining me today and I wish you a good day. Take care and stay safe.”

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