Kelmy Corporation CEO invites David to Spain

to assist in the development of Kelmy’s latest cake decorating product – Kelmy Royal Icing

Established since 1953, Spanish bakery ingredient and traditional ice cream manufacturer Kelmy flew David to their headquarters in Jijona

David was given a grand tour of Kelmy’s state of the art manufacturing facility where he discovered that Kelmy still use traditional recipes
during the manufacture of products, holding on to their cultural past while embracing modern technological production methods

A Great Honour

After offering Kelmy many suggestions and ideas which were embraced by Kelmy wholeheartedly, David was most honoured to spend time in Spain assisting Kelmy with the development of a new instant Royal Icing mix.

Upon his return to Liverpool, David received a sample shipment of Kelmy Royal Icing which arrived in Liverpool for his approval.

An Unforgettable Moment

David recalls…

“I opened the box and saw the slick vinyl packing containing the Royal Icing mix, I thought WOW this is already a great product!  Once I opened the bag, there it was! – such a beautiful, free flowing powder, milled so fine so no need to sieve!…I simply emptied out some powder into a mixing bowl, added water and started up the mixer… WOW!… so smooth, so white and it tasted so natural – because it is ! – 100% natural ingredients. Kelmy Royal Icing is gluten free and carries a Halal and Kosher certification. My biggest thrill was that I was able to mix the Royal icing on a fast speed and it still piped through a No.1 piping tip without a single strand breaking. This is going to be wonderful for extreme piping, complex string work and so much more!”

Made with 100% natural ingredients

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Kelmy offer a healthier range of products

Piping Around the World with Kelmy

Kelmy invites David on a global adventure challenging his free-hand piping to the max!

With their new Royal Icing product ready for distribution Kelmy addressed marketing

In order to create a global awareness about the benefits of creating with NEW Kelmy Superior Royal Icing, Kelmy invited David and his assistant Edward to join them for an ongoing adventure – travelling to corporate trade shows and bakery expo events in UK, Europe, USA and Asia – promoting the Kelmy brand and exciting range of Kelmy cake decorating products available to both hobbyists and professional cake decorators alike.

Kelmy continues to showcase it’s Royal Icing to a captivated global audience as David is challenged to push his creative boundaries literally higher and higher!

Having piped hundreds of metres of Royal Icing free-hand, David continues to enjoy live piping challenges and live demonstrations while encouraging audience participation.



David gets all Royal Wedding inspired showcasing a 2ft diameter X 10ft tall Victorian inspired wedding cake creation decorated with Kelmy Royal Icing at Cake International - Birmingham England



Defying gravity, David pipes cascades of suspended Kelmy Royal Icing string work onto a spectacular 6 tier wedding cake creation at BCN & Cake Expo - Barcelona Spain



With a delicate mix of vibrant and pastel shades of blue, pink and green Kelmy Royal Icing, David's live piping challenge is complete at Sugar Salon Paris - Paris France



Taking suspended lattice piping to the next complex level - David challenges his free-hand creativity and Kelmy Royal icing at Cork Cake Show - Cork Republic of Ireland



David colourises Kelmy Royal Icing to the extreme! - all inspired with a palette of colour, David enjoys experimenting with a cake painting / piping combo creation at Creativa Expo - Brussels Belgium



Lavish scrolls and ornate trellis with Kelmy Royal Icing - David revisits traditional old school styles of cake decorating during this live piping challenge at The Swiss Cake Festival - Dietikon Switzerland



David shares his passion for centuries old free-hand piping to the next generation of free-hand cake artists as he creates 21st century style with Kelmy Royal Icing at Eshte Hotel Culinary and Catering College - Cascais Portugal



David faces a towering 'mega-cake-tastic' challenge as he takes Kelmy Royal Icing to new heights of free-hand creativity and structural engineering at Cake Dreams - Dortmund Germany

An invitation from China

Futian Shangri-La hotel executives and Royal Brunei Airlines in association with Kelmy
d David as their international guest of honour to Shenzhen China

The Royal Cake Maker was invited to present ‘A History of Royal Icing’, demonstrate free-hand piping techniques
and perform his original music during a VIP corporate wedding event



Kelmy Royal Icing and Isomalt - a perfect combination and a creative challenge brings together David, Sidney Galpern, The Sugar Art and Ateco at The Americas Cake and Sugarcraft Fair - Florida USA, celebrating the 175th anniversary of Royal Icing (1840-2015)

Hong Kong


David was invited as international guest of honour to attend The Royal Diamond Jubilee Tea Party in honour of HRH Queen Elizabeth II at the luxurious Aberdeen Marina Club in Hong Kong, where he demonstrated his Royal Icing art to Asian Corporations, TV and media



David and Kelmy are invited to The Royal Kingdom of Brunei to attend the Borneo Cake Exploration Tour sponsored by Royal Brunei Airlines, Le Apple and Complete Deelite, celebrating the 175th anniversary of Royal Icing (1840-2015)



International cake decorators joined David for a 4 day free-hand Kelmy piping challenge in Malaysia, sponsored by Royal Brunei Airlines, Kino Events and Complete Deelite, celebrating the 175th anniversary of Royal Icing (1840-2015)

An invitation from Hong Kong

to attend the Hong Kong International Bakery Expo (HKIBE)

HKIBE Corporate Executives in association with Kelmy invited David to Hong Kong as international guest of honour,
where he captivated visitors, as he showcased his free-hand piping techniques

Kelmy Product Availability

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of superior bakery products,
Kelmy is now expanding in its availability to an excited global audience

Europe / The Americas / Asia

For Kelmy to be able to offer a continual dedicated and prompt service with both product support and customer service,
Kelmy International Department is specifically dedicated to attend clients needs at all times – with full undivided attention.

Kelmy Sales

Kelmy sales team deals specifically with your questions, while offering assistance about product information
along with the help to organise the logistics of setting up international export of Kelmy products
direct to your global destination –to ensure they reach you as requested – on time – without delay.

Contact Kelmy

Please feel free to contact Kelmy Sales Manager
Antonio de la Torre to discuss your specific requirements

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