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During a glorious 69 years of business, bakery ingredient manufacturer KELMY has gone through many evolutionary changes and is continuing to do so. Established in 1953, the family run manufacturing corporation based in Jijona on the south east coast of Spain, now supply their luxurious gluten free (Hahal and Kosher certified) bakery and cake decorating products to a constantly growing global audience, who not only enjoy creating with the superior quality products, but also enjoy the delicious and unique taste that makes KELMY a bakers’ and cake decorators’ favourite!


KELMY and David Cakes

Business, Sugar and Friendship

Wonderful moments and new opportunities

Discovering Something Special

In 2012 David’s international teaching journey was in full swing as he was being invited to teach at many international cake decorating academies around the world. During a teaching event in taking place at Gaudir Cake Decorating Academy located in the beautiful and historical port city of Dénia located on the Mediterranean coast of eastern Spain, David was contacted by Kelmy executives who requested to participate in the David Cakes free-hand cake decorating experience, creating along side other international students also attending the event.

After meeting members of the ‘Kelmy family’ in Dénia and enjoying a most successful cake decorating training event, David flew back home to prepare for his next international teaching adventure.

A few weeks later David received a telephone call from Kelmy executives inviting both David and his technical assistant Edward to return to Spain and attend a meeting at Kelmy corporate headquarters located in the beautiful mountains of Jijona – 20 km north of Alicante.

With a complimentary tickets from Kelmy in hand, David and Edward left Liverpool to embark on a journey that would ultimately take them both on new and exciting cake decorating adventures spanning the globe, for years to come!

David and Edward celebrate with international students and Kelmy family members – Jamie, Inés and Sara at Gaudir Cake Decorating Academy in Dénia.

A Formal Invitation

From Kelmy CEO

Upon arrival at Kelmy headquarters in Jijona Spain, David and Edward were given a grand tour of Kelmy’s state of the art manufacturing facility, observing mass production in progress, while discovering that Kelmy still use traditional recipes during the manufacture of bakery and cake decorating products, retaining their cultural past while embracing modern technological production methods.

Product Development

New Kelmy Royal Icing

Kelmy requested David and Edward to assist in the development of a new Kelmy product – Kelmy Royal Icing

An image of a bag of superior royal icing mix

A Great Honour

David and Edward were most honoured to spend time in Spain assisting and researching different recipes with the Kelmy scientific product development team. After offering Kelmy many suggestions and ideas which were embraced by Kelmy wholeheartedly, the new instant Royal Icing mix went into trial production, ready for evaluation and creative experimentation.

Upon their return to Liverpool, David and Edward received a sample shipment of the new Kelmy Royal Icing mix which arrived in Liverpool for approval.

An Unforgettable Moment

David recalls…

“I opened the box and saw the slick vinyl packing containing the Royal Icing mix, I thought WOW this is already a great product!  

Once I opened the bag, there it was! – such a beautiful, free flowing powder, milled so fine so no need to sieve!…

I simply emptied out some powder into a mixing bowl, added water and started up the mixer… WOW!… so smooth, so white and it tasted so natural – because it is ! – 100% natural ingredients. Kelmy Royal Icing is gluten free and carries a Halal and Kosher certification. 

My biggest thrill was that I was able to mix the Royal icing on a fast speed and it still piped through a No.1 piping tip without a single strand breaking. This is going to be wonderful for extreme piping, complex string work and so much more!”

100% Natural Ingredients

Kelmy offer a healthier range of products

Piping Around The World

A new exciting adventure begins

With flights booked and hotel reservations made, Kelmy invited David and Edward on a free-hand cake decorating journey of a lifetime!

Let The Piping Begin !

Cake Show Scrapbook

From Europe to USA & Asia

Select a photo below and discover more…

Select a cake show and discover more…

New Beginnings

During the last 9 years David and Edward have experienced so many amazing adventures with Kelmy – attending cake shows and expos around the world while being welcomed with open arms by both national and international cake decorating organisations and their members.

David Cakes team is now currently working very closely with Kelmy executives, addressing product development, promotion and marketing, plus so much more, as they evolve together making exciting plans for the future which include many new proposals – yet to be finalised:
Kelmy live cake decorating demonstration events and teaching events in Madrid, Dubai and ‘Kelmy Down Under’ – A proposed visit to Australia to attend cake decorating conventions
(Dates to be confirmed)

David writes…

“On behalf of myself and Edward, I would like to thank all the Kelmy family for your warmth of friendship and support. We feel most honoured to be working alongside such a professional corporation, producing superior quality products that are a joy to create with and a pleasure to eat !
We feel most blessed to have experienced such incredible adventures with you and we look forward to enjoying many more great times, as we continue our creative journey together!”

David and Edward celebrate free-hand creativity with Kelmy Managing Director Inés during a live cake decorating demonstration showcasing new superior quality Kelmy cake decorating products at an international food and bakery expo in Hong Kong 

Kelmy Product Availability

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of superior bakery and cake decorating products,
Kelmy is now expanding in its availability to an excited and growing global audience

Europe / The Americas / Asia

For Kelmy to be able to offer a continual and prompt service with both product support and customer service,
Kelmy International Department is specifically dedicated to attend to clients needs at all times – with full support and undivided attention

Kelmy Sales

Kelmy sales team deals specifically with your questions, while offering assistance about product information
along with the help to organise the logistics of setting up international export of Kelmy products
direct to your global destination –to ensure they reach you as requested – on time – without delay.

Contact Kelmy

Please feel free to contact Kelmy to discuss your specific requirements

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