Free-hand Cake Decorating Course

 Cake Painting

7 Day International Masterclass


Palette Knife

Cake Painting Techniques

Discover the joy, freedom and sheer exhilaration of palette knife painting as you release your inner artist through expression and free-hand creativity

Learn how to create a beautiful designs and patterns, personalised with your own signature style as you enjoy creating your very own 8″ deep personalised palette knife cake painting design with flowers or landscapes, abstract art or a combination, it’s up to you !

With focus on creating an unlimited assortment of colours and shades from the primaries and understanding how to adjust painting consistencies to how to apply the free-hand technique embellished with fine piping detail.

No need for any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates.

David will also address how the preparation of a cake to be palette knife painted will vary when using Royal Icing, Buttercream and other mediums to apply the technique.

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