Free-hand Cake Decorating Course

Brush Embroidery

7 Day International Masterclass


Brush Embroidery

Brush and Piping Combination Technique

Learn how to create dramatic multi-dimensional decorative effects by merging free-hand brush embroidery techniques combined with free-hand piping detailing.

Step back in time or bring your cake design into the 21st century - it's up to you!

You can use soft pastel shades or vibrantly coloured icing mediums and then, get all inspired! – Embrace the beauty of nature… … take inspiration from your own culture… or or re-invent the latest fashion trends and add a twist incorporating pop art, tribal art, tattoo art, etc.

Learn how brush embroidery combined with free-hand piping techniques can be adapted when using Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums.

David will address the consistency of the creative medium used during the creative application process, without requiring the use of any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates, as you let your creativity take control without rules or restrictions.

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