Free-hand Cake Decorating Course

Wedding Cake Plaques

7 Day International Masterclass


Wedding Cake Plaques

Decorative Place Settings and Cookies

Learn how to personalise your wedding cakes with an exciting array of free-hand piped plaques.
Then adapt the techniques and have fun creating a selection of personalised place settings - an ideal edible gift to present at a wedding celebration or intimate dinner party.

Learn how to secure plaques onto the side of a celebration and wedding cake while enjoy embellishing your creations with luxurious piping using free-hand techniques, without requiring the use of any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates.

The creative free-hand piping techniques used can also be applied to decorate cookies, which will be demonstrated during this training module.

Learn how free-hand piping techniques can be adapted when using Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums.

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