Free-hand Cake Decorating Course

Painting On Cakes

7 Day International Masterclass


Free-Hand Painting

With Fine Piping Embellishments

Relax and enjoy another creative hand painting experience as David invites you to embrace fine art in edible colour.

Using super fine paintbrushes, learn how to combine watercolour hand painting application techniques with finely piped Royal Icing detailing to create a beautiful personalised celebration cake fondant plaque topper – finished with your own signature style.

With David’s support and guidance he will demonstrate how we can visualise from our thoughts and memories in order to maximise our creativity, allowing the designing process to be most pleasurable, resulting in a finished hand painting that is unique every time.

No need for any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates.

You will also have the opportunity to apply floral fine art hand painting techniques to the decorative fondant plaques on your revolving carousel cake design project.

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