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Invest In Your Future

Learn new life skills to achieve more while increasing self worth and true potential

Creative Development

When we nurture self development, we can evolve to greater heights. If we are patient, stay focused and remain grounded at all times, our true potential will be realised. David takes students on journey of self discovery to a higher level of consciousness to optimise creative growth and performance.

Time Management

Managing our time is crucial for both personal well being and productivity. If our energies are balanced and in harmony we can create more effectively. With 39 years of business experience, David will show how to manage time and emotions to minimise stress – to achieve more.

Increase Turnover

The combination of our own creative development and time management skills will ultimately result in our ability to push ourselves further and aim for a higher level of achievement, so we can create faster – applying these skills within a cake business will allow for more sales and increase turnover.

Make A Profit

Being able to produce cakes quickly is a great asset for business growth. Receiving high financial rewards is not just about having a creative skill, it is also about communication and knowledge of marketing to create awareness – David offers insight drawn from his own business experiences.

Evolve with wisdom and experience

Embrace an open mindset to take your creativity to a higher level


When we love what we do, we shine. David encourages students to embrace total freedom of their own creativity, which he believes results in a higher level achievement, ultimately increasing confidence as we evolve together as creative cake artists.


Some students may feel a little nervous attending a cake decorating training event for the very first time. David reassures his students that he offers 100% support and guidance along with patience and understanding throughout the entire experience.


David offers personalised 1 to 1 attention to every student attending a David Cakes training event.  Participation is limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 students attending to ensure an exclusive, bespoke and supportive experience.


David offers training for beginners, hobbyists,  professional cake decorators alike. Specialising in teaching commercial cake decorating combining centuries old free-hand techniques with modern ideas to assist product development and retail growth.


Addressing key business factors…

Costing and Pricing Giant Multi-tiered Wedding Cakes

Taking you on a journey from the initial consultation with our client to securing a sale, David shares 30 years of retail cake store experience as he discusses in depth:

How to value our self worth in business

How to calculate what we should charge for a unique giant multi-tiered wedding cake

How to calculate portions required to feed 2000+ of our client’s wedding guests

How to be confident and gain our client’s confidence to ensure we secure a high cost commission

How to design and present a contractual agreement to our client

Plus additional sales tips and advice


Addressing key business factors…

Designing Our Client’s Dream Wedding Cake

In his 30 years of retail cake store experience, David has had many clients requesting him to create a giant multi-tiered wedding cake of a high value and they have always wanted a cake design that no other client has ever had.

By offering a bespoke designer service within our business means a client can have a unique wedding cake every time.

In this training programme David will demonstrate how a high value unique design commission can be achieved through communication and visualisation techniques while embracing our client’s own wedding cake design ideas – taking the bespoke designer service to a higher personalised level.


Addressing advanced techniques…

Preparation of Giant Wedding Cake Tiers

David will show you how to prepare giant cake tiers for stacking / separating – to reach great heights.

From addressing the structural engineering of each wedding cake tier – to supporting the entire design structure and how to avoid any internal or external failure / collapse of the wedding cake infrastructure.

From crumb coating deep sponge cakes to preparing rich fruit cakes and the application of marzipan with the option and understanding of how to cover with fondant, Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums.

David will address which coating / covering mediums are most suitable to use when creating giant multi-tiered cakes while embracing the suitability of various cake fillings and piping mediums.

David will show you how he makes Royal Icing using egg whites, meringue powder and instant mixes while addressing all the technical aspects and scientific understanding of this centuries old bakery product.

Learn also how to address the giant wedding cake concept when free-hand decorating entirely with buttercream and other mediums.


Addressing advanced techniques…

Coating Extra Large Wedding Cake Tiers

Embrace centuries old cake decorating techniques, David will demonstrate and encourage you to take part in coating giant cakes with Royal Icing.

From 4″ deep wedding tiers to the challenge of coating extra large 10″ deep wedding cake tiers David will teach you how using the traditional icing ruler and side scraping method.

David will also be addressing the number of coats required for different size wedding cake tiers and how to ensure that the Royal Icing can be cut and eaten with pleasure.

Learn how advanced free-hand techniques can be adapted when using Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums


Addressing advanced techniques…

Advanced Piping Framework Patterns

To achieve the final desired spectacular multi-dimensional piping effects on our 10ft tall 'Royal' inspired wedding cake, we must first design and create a structural framework of complex interlocking piped patterns which will support the over-piped layers / decorations and fine detail applied as the cake decorating process evolves.

David will show you how to create complex interlocking patterns using free-hand piping techniques without requiring the use of any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates while demonstrating how to decorate unlimited design options on each wedding cake tier – creating exciting focal points of grandeur, ready to be enhanced with ornate over-piped embellishments.

Learn how advanced free-hand piping techniques can be adapted when using Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums


Addressing advanced techniques…

Multi dimensional over-piping

By multi-layering free-hand piping on top of the existing framework of piped patterns will add extra dimension and depth. By embellishing this over-piping with additional multi-directional over-piping means that new patterns within the original design pattern framework will be created.

By applying these techniques during the cake decorating process means that our piping can evolve and be re-invented to create even more multi-dimensional patterns within or outside the initial piped framework – giving that initial ‘WOW!’ factor to our bespoke wedding cake design – David will show you how!

No need for any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates.

Learn how advanced free-hand piping techniques can be adapted when using Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums


Addressing advanced techniques…

Multi dimensional 3D over-piping

Discover how to create a beautiful free-hand piped Victorian inspired photograph frame (complete with a wedding couple photograph) and enjoy adding an array of spectacular 3D gravity defying free-hand piped effects.

Personalised keepsakes will ensure extra beauty and increase a higher commission value to a wedding cake design while achieving additional focal points of interest when a client and wedding guests admire the finished wedding cake creation close up.

Combining advanced free-hand run-out techniques with multi directional over-piping / suspended piping techniques will ensure an awe-inspiring look as well as adding extra beauty to a giant wedding cake design.

Also discover how to create a selection of decorative embossed 3D floral art, swirling accents and intricate panelling.

No need for any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates.

David will address how advanced free-hand piping techniques can be adapted when using Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums.


Addressing advanced techniques…

Advanced Fine Piping Detail

Now discover how to combine many different advanced free-hand piping techniques together – From intricate multi-layering to complex fine embroidery effects and advanced geometric suspended string work patterns.

A piped wedding cake with ornate piping layers may look great from a distance. However, if fine detail is not in place the cake design will not have the same impact when viewed close up.

If an ornately piped cake design becomes more and more exciting the closer it is viewed – this will guarantee that ultimate “WOW!!” reaction we want to receive from our client and wedding guests.

Discover how to create complex intricate multi-layered fine embroidery effects and advanced geometric suspended string work patterns – all applied directly and spontaneously onto the extra large wedding cake tiers to ultimately complete our clients ‘Royal’ inspired wedding cake design.

No need for any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, stencils or templates.

Learn how advanced free-hand piping techniques can be adapted when using Royal Icing, buttercream and other mediums


Addressing Final Touches

Creating Fresh Flower Bouquets

Enjoy creating a bespoke floral bouquet topper with David's support and guidance.

As a client may sometimes request fresh flowers to grace their wedding cake, David will show you to how to create quick and effective fresh flower bouquet arrangements to grace your spectacular wedding cake creation.


Addressing Logistics and Responsibilities…

Delivering and Setting Up Giant Wedding Cakes

Experience first hand as David demonstrates the setting up procedure of the finished giant wedding cake creation to illustrate a complete understanding of the structural engineering of the creative art piece and to increase self confidence when having to deal with intense creative emotions of jeopardy while performing this piping technique in a public place.

During his 30 years of retail cake store business David has delivered hundreds if not thousands of wedding cakes to Hotel venues all over the United Kingdom.
David will discuss in depth his experiences while sharing the challenges faced of delivering giant wedding cakes – from the logistics involved to the huge responsibility that cake designers must be prepared to take in order to ensure that everything goes to plan without any potential problems becoming a major issue!

David has found during his 30 years of retail cake store experiences that most wedding venues will not take responsibility for the setting up of a giant multi-tiered cake and realistically, David would not expect them to.

With such high expectations from our client (who is paying us lot of money) as cake designers setting up our giant creation, we now have to be in complete control – as we climb that ladder to set up 10ft of Royal Icing decorated wedding cake!  It’s a huge responsibility, especially with a gathering audience of hotel staff and Chefs (which is what normally happens!)

Our client has requested extra piping detail that can only be finished at the venue so the pressure is on, our adrenaline is in over-drive, but if we stay focused and calm – we will achieve our goal!…


Addressing logistics and responsibilities…

Students are challenged to rise to the occasion

Enjoy an exciting and intensive challenge as David invites each student to experience first hand (with his assistance and support) as you participate in the setting up procedure - tier by tier - of the finished 10ft tall 'Royal' inspired wedding cake creation.

Besides giving students an ultimate understanding of structural engineering of giant wedding cakes, David believes this training is essential in order for students to gain a higher self confidence while having to deal with and manage potential intensive levels of stress during the challenge – with an audience watching their every move.

Our client has requested extra piping detail that can only be finished on the set up design at the venue, so even more pressure is on as our adrenaline is now in over-drive – but if we stay focused, calm and enjoy the experience we will achieve our goal – and bigger rewards will ultimately follow!

All Inclusive Training Programme

Includes a ‘David Cakes’ Royal Icing course certificate personally signed by David

No Hidden Extras

Course fees include all materials supplied and use of all equipment.
Complimentary light beverages and snacks are served all day every day.

Learn Over 50 Techniques

Create spontaneously and directly onto the cake surface without requiring the use of any moulds, cutters, stencils, templates or modelling tools.

A Realistic Experience

Intensive free-hand decorating challenges give students a real-life retail cake store business experience, both creatively and physically.

Freedom of Expression

Create in your comfort zone as you express your unique signature style with no restrictions while enjoying the freedom of being in complete control.

Rest Day

Taking a break on the 4th day of your creative adventure

Relax - Unwind - Discover - Explore

Embrace the cultural sights and sounds of Liverpool, old and new


From national and international students
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