Free-hand Cake Decorating Course

7 Day International Masterclass

Presented by Royal Cake Maker and Multi-Award Winner David MacCarfrae in Liverpool UK


Learn new life skills to achieve more while increasing self worth and true potential

1: Creative Development

When we nurture self development, we can evolve to greater heights. If we are patient, stay focused and remain grounded at all times, our true potential will be realised. David takes students on journey of self discovery to a higher level of consciousness to optimise creative growth and performance.

2: Time Management

Managing our time is crucial for both personal well being and productivity. If our energies are balanced and in harmony we can create more effectively. With 39 years of business experience, David will show how to manage time and emotions to minimise stress – to achieve more.

3: Increase Turnover

The combination of our own creative development and time management skills will ultimately result in our ability to push ourselves further and aim for a higher level of achievement, so we can create faster – applying these skills within a cake business will allow for more sales and increase turnover.

4: Make A Profit

Being able to produce cakes quickly is a great asset for business growth. Receiving high financial rewards is not just about having a creative skill, it is also about communication and knowledge of marketing to create awareness – David offers insight drawn from his own business experiences.


Embrace an open mindset to take your creativity to a higher level

5: Love

When we love what we do, we shine. David encourages students to embrace total freedom of their own creativity, which he believes results in a higher level achievement, ultimately increasing confidence as we evolve together as creative cake artists.

6: Care

Some students may feel a little nervous attending a cake decorating training event for the very first time. David reassures his students that he offers 100% support and guidance along with patience and understanding throughout the entire experience.

7: Attention

David offers personalised 1 to 1 attention to every student attending a David Cakes training event.  Participation is limited to a maximum of 6 students attending to ensure each attendee is given an exclusive, bespoke and supportive experience.

8: Technique

David offers training for beginners, hobbyists,  professional cake decorators alike. Specialising in teaching commercial cake decorating combining centuries old free-hand techniques with modern ideas to assist product development and retail growth.


Includes a ‘David Cakes’ Royal Icing course certificate personally signed by David

9: No Hidden Extras

Course fees include all materials supplied and use of all equipment.
Complimentary light beverages and snacks are served all day every day.

10: Create Free-hand

Apply over 50 free-hand techniques spontaneously and directly onto your projects, without requiring any moulds, cutters, modelling tools, templates or stencils.

11: A Realistic Experience

Intensive free-hand decorating challenges give students a real-life retail cake store business experience, both creatively and physically.

12: Freedom of Expression

Create in your comfort zone as you express your unique signature style with no restrictions while enjoying the freedom of being in complete control.


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